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Oulu Region Tourist Guides are at your service when you or your guests want to familiarise yourselves with the City of Oulu, Oulu Region, neighbouring municipalities, their history and the present-day life.

Excursions and site visits get new content and become much more rewarding also for locals when you have an expert guide telling you the hidden stories from the past and present!

Oulu Region Tourist Guides are language proficient; we guide in Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Hungarian.

On this page you can find further information on

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Due to the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to offer scheduled guided walks in English. However, we are happy to arrange guided walks for you or your party by, please contact our booking services.


Bus Tours in Oulu

A Guided Sightseeing Tour in Oulu (1, 1.5 or 2 hours).

Today the people of Oulu design software, produce for example world-famous games and modern medical equipment, do business all over the world and provide high quality services for each other and tourists.

This tour takes you to the river, seaside, marshlands and woods. You will visit the old and new monumental centres of Oulu, the sites of culture and technology. During the tour you will hear stories about tar merchants, ship builders, sea farers and salmon fishers during the history of Oulu.

Guided walks in Oulu (2 hours)

Promenade in old Oulu

A two-hour -walk takes you from the old monumental centre, the place where the first settlers had their homes, market place and church, to the new one built in the 1960´s. The guide will tell you about salmon fishing, tar burning and seafaring and you will hear about the life in the magnificent houses of power ful tar merchants and sea captains.

Big Island Tour

The river and the sea, the parents of our town, have seen many changes since the time of the big bang at the Oulu castle. Some islands at the mouth of the Oulu River boast of modern public and residential buildings, while others preserve the old world charm. On the tour the guide will tell you facts and fiction about the past and the present.

Roses and Romance in Hupisaaret

Hupisaaret is a park area in the city centre. Already in the 19th century people used to lead an easy and enjoyable life there. Handsome gentlemen and lovely ladies met on dim lanes. While listening to band music they enjoyed refreshing drinks and whispered about love. The walk takes you through the present day Hupisaaret. You will have a chance to admire the spouting springs in the River Oulu and specific Finnish trees and flowers as well as visit Oulu City Art Museum which was formerly a glue factory. The guide will also tell you about other buildings and places there.

Oulu through history and modern times

Join a relaxing walking tour in the centre of Oulu. This tour leads you through eras of sailing ships, tar trading and salmon fishing into modern Oulu of technology, health care and education. You will visit the market square with old and new architecture, be acquainted with the iconic statue of a policeman, see the historic monumental centre and have a glimpse of our enchanting city park. Along the way the guide will tell you stories about the past , the present and the future. .

Ghostly and strange stories from Oulu

Would you like to hear about strange creatures among us, stories from old times and spiritual beliefs? Who was the warlock that spent some time in the prison of the Oulu castle? Is somebody invisible moving around in the buildings of the Rotuaari pedestrian street? You will hear fascinating love stories and incidents of horror. Some people are still guarding their old homes, others maybe bringing you a message. The two-hour walk around the city centre will bring out numerous  occult stories like these.


Oulu Region Tourist Guides are also at your service e.g. on airport transfers, as tour leaders or speakers of your events. In addition to the above-mentioned tours and walks you can also give your own wishes for routes and destinations or site visits!


Guiding fees € (per group) Guided sightseeing tour €
max 50 persons  max 18 persons
Duration h Weekdays Sun Weekdays Sun Weekdays Sun
2 155 296 411 642 393 624
2,5 179 343 453 707 435 689
3 201 385 475 749 457 731
3,5 225 431 526 822 508 804
4 249 477 550 868 531 850
4,5 273 524
5 297 570
5,5 319 612
6 344 658
6,5 367 704
7 392 751
7,5 416 797
8 438 839

Prices are in euros and valid until further notice. Guiding fees include guiding services, booking fee and VAT (24%). Guided sightseeing tour fees include also bus transportation and VAT (10 % / 24 %). Fees do not include possible entrance fees.

Minimum charge is 2 hours after which in half an hour periods. If a sightseeing tour starts or ends at the airport a fee of 22€ will be added. If a sightseeing tour starts and ends in the airport, a fee of 44€ will be added to the above-mentioned prices.

Invoicing fee 6 €.

The Finnish Guide Association’s recommendation on guiding fees is applied to the tariffs with the exception of the actual fee. Right for price changes is reserved.

NOTICE! Weekday tariffs are valid Mon – Sat 6.00 – 23.00. Sunday tariffs are in force on Sundays and public holidays 00.00 – 24.00 and on weekdays at 23.00 – 06.00.

Multi-language tours: 25% increase for every additional language when the guide works simultaneously in more than one language.


Confirmed orders can be cancelled free of charge min. 2 business days before the start of the guiding. The minimum fee will be charged as a cancellation fee if the ordered service is cancelled less than two but at least one business day before guiding. If the cancellation is done on the same day or has not been done at all (no show) full fees will be charged.

Detailed instructions for paying the guiding fees can be requested from the booking office. Go Arctic will bill the customer after the guiding.


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